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Our Boats

Our boats are usually of a traditional bow with variable front deck size and height (well deck or tug style) built to your requirements.
All boats are finished in 2 coats of 2 pack black International Intertuff and a sprayed coat of 2K grey oxide primer.

No Cost Steelwork Options Include:

  • Integral handrail on the edge of the cabin or inboard cruiser style handrail
  • Well deck / tug deck
  • All rubbing strakes welded top and bottom - cabin and rubbing strakes' tops are arc welded
  • Side doors either 2 or 3 ft width
  • Windows or portholes apertures, or a combination of the two
  • Steel back doors / hatch 2ft or 2ft 6"
  • Front steel doors
  • Cruiser type stern or traditional type stern (semi traditional is available at extra cost)
  • Vented gas bottle locker
  • Keel cooler
  • Diesel tank
  • Quick release weed hatch
  • T studs
  • Bow & stern fender eyes
  • Central roof ring
  • Self draining decks
  • Anodes
  • Grey oxide primer to cabin
  • 2 coats of International Intertuff blacking

Optional Extras Include:

  • Scrollwork detail to end of cants and handrail
  • Stainless steel water tank
  • Twisted rail detail to cabin sides

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Nick Thorpe Boatbuilding - Narrowboats in Staffordshire

No cost steelwork options

Integral handrail, well deck / tug deck, rubbing strakes welded, side doors, windows / portholes, steel back & front doors, vented gas bottle locker and much more.
Customise your new boat to exactly how you need it.

Engine fitting

We work closely with Barrus and Beta Marine for our modern diesel
engines. All engines are fitted and commissioned at our premises.
If you have a personal engine preference, we can accomodate that.

Sailaway Boats

Sailaway services include ballast, floor rails, floor ply, windows, portholes, roof ventilation, low level ventilation, engine fitting.
Contact us for more details

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