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Our boats are usually of a traditional bow with variable front deck size and height (well deck or tug style) built to your requirements.
All boats are finished in 2 coats of 2 pack black International Intertuff and a sprayed coat of 2K grey oxide primer.

No Cost Steelwork Options Include:

  • Integral handrail on the edge of the cabin or inboard cruiser style handrail
  • Well deck / tug deck
  • All rubbing strakes welded top and bottom - cabin and rubbing strakes' tops are arc welded
  • Windows or portholes apertures, or a combination of the two
  • Steel back doors / hatch 2ft or 2ft 6"
  • Front steel doors
  • Cruiser type stern or traditional type stern (semi traditional is available at extra cost)
  • Vented gas bottle locker
  • Keel cooler
  • Diesel tank
  • Quick release weed hatch
  • T studs
  • Bow & stern fender eyes
  • Central roof ring
  • Self draining decks
  • Anodes
  • Grey oxide primer to cabin
  • 2 coats of International Intertuff blacking

Optional Extras Include:

  • Scrollwork detail to end of cants and handrail
  • Plastic bespoke water tank
  • Twisted rail detail to cabin sides

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