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Length of boat (feet):
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Semi-traditional (+ £850)

Longer / wider steel rear hatch (36" wide x 42" long) £250Show Picture
Side doors (24" wide x 32" high) £200Show Picture
Side hatch - above side doors (24" wide x 12" long) £225Show Picture
Houdini hatch £240
Recessed panels for traditional / semi-traditional cabin £850
Front bow lockers, plain for wood tops £250
Front bow lockers - port/starboard, self draining, door radiused £500Show Picture
Rear lockers, for semi-traditional radiused £250Show Picture
Boatman's roll and scroll work £500
Pole and plank rack £60
Bowthruster including top locker £750
Bowthruster with through deck access £600
Rear rails to cruiser stern £500
Rear gates to rails (fully enclosed) stern £165
Rear lockers for cruiser - standard £300
Rear lockers for cruiser - gas bottles £450
Extra full length rubbing strake (guards) up to 57ft £250
Return on handrail lip £250
Recessed fender eyes - 6No £225
Pigeon box £230
Forward cabin £800

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